Memorial Day Picnic



New Officers and Board Members (from the right): President Barbara Chieu, Secretary Zeak Simmons, Treasurer Andy Little, Board Members Alice Ginn, Vivian Goo, Leslie Jue, Suzie Jue, Lee May Little, LaRaine Kang, and Lesley Ling-Sule are introduced



Pin Ying I Speech contest winner Monica Len recites her speech



Pin Ying II Speech contest winner Katrina Wang recites her speech



Pin Ying III Speech contest winner Monika Holser recites her speech



Pin Ying IV Speech contest winner Simon Lee recites his speech



Sarah Yim receives the Youth Service Award for her efforts on behalf of theVCCAA



Outgoing Youth Group President Sarah Yim (L) introduces the new Youth Group officers (L-R): President Simon Lee, Secretary Richard Hai, Vice President Christine Yim, and Treasurer Justin Sy


Additional Pictures, Thank you Dr. Hillary Ling!