Ventura County Chinese
American Association




November 2002



Greetings from the President


Dear Members:

“We make a living by what we take.  We make a life by what we give.”  By Sir Winston Churchill.  Life is Ying and Yang.  Life is give and take.  Life is a balancing act.

We are privileged to live in America, a land of individual freedom, a land of abundance, a land of rule-by-laws.  The weak are protected.  Hard work is rewarded.

“Let us not curse the darkness, instead, light a small candle.”  By Saint Francis of Acici.  As an individual, we cannot realistically change the world, but we always can extend a helping hand in our daily lives to make a difference – no matter how small.

I am calling upon all of us to participate in the activities of our Association by giving generously your time, talent, and money.  The VCCAA is proud to be an instrument of bridging to our local community; a training ground of leadership for the young and adults alike.  For this year I want to give a special welcome to the many adoptive families in Ventura County to be an integral part of fellowship in our Association.  The families who have adopted and embraced Chinese children are indeed the special families where the East meets the West.

Special thanks to our event sponsors: Tony Danluck of PSC Computer Products International, Frank and Barbara Chieu, Albert and Lisa Fu, Simon and Vicky Chow, Patrick and Debra Kong, Chung Nan and Men Hua Wang, Chris and Ingrid Loh, Hillary and Stella Ling for their generous gifts.  Your helping hands do make the difference.

The upcoming Christmas Party is on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at Camarillo Heights Elementary School will include many activities.  We invite your support by your presence at the event.

To encourage individual participation and community enthusiasm, we are planning a grand cultural show, “East meets West,” at the beautiful Oxnard Pacifica High School Performing Arts Plaza on Saturday, February 8, 2003.  We need more sponsors for this event.  Let us work to put more variety into the program to make it a memorable evening for everyone.

Hillary Ling

President 2002-2003



丘吉尔爵士曾说“我们靠索取而谋得生存,我们却靠奉献而塑造生活” 。生活是阴阳相济, 生活是奉献和索取,生活也正是平衡之举。


特别感谢我们活动的赞助者,他们包括:Tony Danluck, Frank和Barbara Chieu, Albert 和Lisa Fu, Simon和Vicky Chow, Patrick和Debra Kong, Chung Nan和Men Hua Wang, Chris和Ingrid Loh, Hillary和Stella Ling。他们的慷慨解囊让我们华联会有所不同。

即将来临的圣诞晚会于十二月十四日,星期六在Camarillo Heights Elementary School举行,其时将有丰富多彩的节目。我们邀请您光临支持。

为鼓励个人的参与和对社区的积极性,我们将于明年二月八日,星期六在美丽的Oxnard Pacifica High School Performing Arts Plaza举行精彩的文化表演“东西方相聚” 。 当然我们需要 更多的赞助者。让我们共同努力准备使其更多姿多彩,并深深留在每个成员的记忆当中。


Dr. Kelvin Loh, Physician of the Year

Long-time VCCAA member Dr. Kelvin Loh was honored as Physician of the Year on October 18, 2002.  The following information was from The Star, August 17, 2002.

“Dr. Kelvin Loh, a physician and patient/physician advocate since 1974, will be honored in Camarillo on Oct. 18 as Physician of the Year [in Ventura County].  The award will be presented during the 2002 David C. Fainer, M.D. Award dinner at the Spanish Hills Golf & Country Club.”

“The awards are sponsored by the Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation and The Star.  They are given in honor of Dr. David C. Fainer, former private-practice internist and director of the Family Practice Residency Program.  When he died in 1983, the awards were created to honor outstanding health care professionals who exemplify Fainer’s service, selflessness and dedication to his patients.”

Article submitted by Hillary Ling

年度医师Kelvin Loh

华联会资深会员Kelvin Loh 于十月十 八日荣誉当选今年的“年度 医师” 。 以下摘自八月十七日 “范杜拉星报” 。

“Kelvin Loh,一位于七四年开始 的 医师 ,将于十月十八日在 Camarillo 被授予[范杜拉郡] 的“年度医师” 。 奖励将于在Spanish Hills 高尔夫及乡 村俱乐部举行的2002 David C. Fainer, M.D. Award 授奖晚宴上颁发。”

“奖项由范杜拉郡医疗资源基金和星报赞助。它们的设立是为纪念David C. Fainer,前私人内科医师和Family Practice Residency Program的领导。 当他于八三年去世时,我们设立这些奖项以纪念那些象Fainer一样对病人专注和无私奉献的医疗工作者。”


Christmas Party

When:  Saturday, December 14, 2002, 6:00 PM

Where: Camarillo Heights Elementary School
34 Catalina Dr., Camarillo

Contact:   Hillary Ling, 386-4188 or Charlotte Haney, 647-0753 or
Juliet Kong, 988-1105

Sponsor:  Dr. and Mrs. Albert Fu

Hello, Everyone!  A hearty Merry Christmas to all!  The year is coming to a close and we are preparing to end the year with our annual Christmas celebration.

The evening will start off with a potluck dinner.  Delicious Chinese potluck dishes graciously provided by the members and merchants of the VCCAA.

Special entertainment featuring –

·  Christmas Skit – Birth of Jesus Christ at the Manger

·  Adult Choir from the Chinese Presbyterian Church

·  Bell Choir from the Methodist Church

·  Children Classical Dance Troupe by Yu-Ling Lu

·  Santa Claus and presents

Remember!  Your potluck dishes should serve at least ten (10) people.  The VCCAA will provide beverages.

For those individuals that want to volunteer, make suggestions, ask questions, or with concerns, please contact Hillary, Charlotte, or Juliet.



各位会员,你们好! 衷 心祝愿你们圣诞快乐!一年又将结束,我们正在准备以一年一度的圣诞聚会为今年划一个句话。



圣诞短剧–耶稣·基督 在马槽出生






义工,建议,和问题请与Hillary, Charlotte, or Juliet联系。


Cultural Night and Chinese New Year

Date:    Saturday, February 8, 2003

Time:   Program Starts at 7:00 pm

Where: Performing Arts Center
Pacifica High School
600 East Gonzales Road, Oxnard

Tickets:   Adults - $15, Children 12 and under - $10

Sponsor:  TBD

For Tickets or ticket information contact:

President: Hillary Ling...................      386-4188      Vice President: Tyrus Goo..........      482-6074

Treasurer: Judy Schechter.............      388-9668      Secretary: Andy Little................      484-5222

Camarillo:  Sean Gao...................        389-0865      Vivian Goo................................      482-6074

                 Wesley Holser............       389-1812      Irene Sy....................................      482-4765

Oxnard/Pt. Hueneme: Dolly Lee....      485-6780      Ben Wong.................................      382-4087

Ventura: H. T. Kuo.......................      671-9778      Doris Mao.................................      642-3183

Santa Paula: William Irion..............      525-0304      Leslie Jue..................................      525-9562

Thousand Oaks: Lloyd Ho..............      498-5537  


Vivian Goo, Tyrus Goo

Program Chairpersons




VCCAA Historical Society

The Historical Society was invited by the Ventura County Museum of History and Art to participate in The Yesteryear Festival.  It was held on the Museum grounds on September 15.  The event was a huge success with over 5,000 attendees.

Under the leadership of Irene Sy, we decorated our booth with banners, Chinese motifs and antique photographs of the Ventura China Alley.  Linda Bentz graciously provided these black and white pictures of China Alley.  We exhibited models of the proposed designs for the China Alley Memorial.

Herbert Yen provided Chinese name writing for patrons of the Festival with his wonderful calligraphy.  We were thrilled to be joined by the Thousand Oaks Tai Chi Club, which gave performances in the Tai Chi Chuan and sword.  Our Chinese dancers, under the leadership of Yu-Ling Lu, gave a marvelous performance in the opening ceremony.  We even participated in the Fashion Show with costumes from the Qing Dynasty.

We are thankful to all the volunteers at the booth and those who helped with the signs and food preparation.  We received a letter of appreciation from the Museum and an invitation to take part in the next Yesteryear Festival on September 21, 2003.

Under the leadership of S. K. Leong, the Society has raised $10,000 toward the construction of the China Alley Memorial.  The City Council of Ventura has allocated $8,000 in matching fund for the Memorial.  We appreciate your generous donations to this important project.

We are currently reviewing several designs for the Memorial.  We shall post the final design on our website at when our subcommittee has completed its selection.  We are excited to be working with the Ventura City Council in this first official recognition of the Chinese contribution to the history of Ventura County.  We are lucky to have help from Jane Tor who holds a master’s degree in architecture from Cal Poly in Pomona.  Jane contacted the Society after reading the last newsletter in which we asked for help with the Memorial Project.

Sherman Lai, our filmmaker, is working on the editing of our documentary on the history of Chinese in Ventura County.  This post-production work will take place while Sherman is attending the University of California at San Diego majoring in film.

George Yu

Historical Society Chairperson



历史协会受范杜拉郡历史与艺术博物馆邀请参加了本年度的“The Yesteryear Festival” 。节日聚会在 博物馆外草坪上举行,有大约五千人与会。

Irene Sy的领导下,我们 用中式彩条,花纹和范杜拉中国巷的古董照片装饰了我们的展棚。Linda Bentz 提供了这些雅致的中国巷的黑白照片。我们展示了China Alley Memorial的 设 计模型。

Herbert Yen用他美妙的 书法为游人书写名字。千橡太极俱乐部的参加使我们非常激动,他们表演了太极拳和太极剑。Yu-Ling Lu带 领的中国舞蹈队在开幕式上进行了精彩的演出。我们还身着清朝的服装参加了时装表演。


S. K. Leong当领导 下 ,本协会为China Alley Memorial 的建设 筹集了$10,000。范杜拉市政委员会匹配拨款$8,000。我们感激所有捐款人的慷慨解囊。

我们目前正在审议一些候选的设计方案。最后的结果将刊登在。我们很高兴与范杜拉市政委员会共同努力为官方正式认知华人为范杜拉郡的贡献献迈出了可喜的一步。我们幸运地得到Jane Tor的帮 助。Jane拥有Cal Poly的 建筑学硕士学位。

我们的电影制作者,Sherman Lai正在编辑有关范杜拉郡华人历史的纪录片。当Sherman去圣帝亚戈加大攻读电影专业时,这项工作仍会继续进行。


Chinese Language School Library

Through the efforts and help of many people, the Chinese Language School Library has over 300 book, 160 journals and newspapers, 150 videotapes, and 20 audio cassettes.  We welcome members’ patronage, and your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.  Point of contact is Margarette Macropol at (805) 482-9371.



通过众人的努力和帮助,中文学校图书馆已有300册书籍,160种报刊杂志,150盘录象带,和20盘录音带。我们欢迎您的支持和可以免税的捐款。请联系Margarette Macropol (805) 482-9371。


VCCAA Newsletter

The VCCAA Newsletter welcomes the submission of articles, constructive comments, suggestions, or personal experiences that you want to share with the other members.  Please write to VCCAA Newsletter, P.O. Box 806, Camarillo, CA 93011‑0806; e-mail to Lloyd Ho (

                                                                             Lloyd Ho
Newsletter Editor