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American Association




August 2003



Hillary Ling
Vice President
Tyrus Goo
Judy Schechter
Andy Little

City Representatives

Barbara Chieu
Ray Chong
Sean Gao
Vivian Goo
Rob Heilmen
Irene Sy

Oxnard/Port Hueneme
Vivian Chang
Dolly Lee

Steve Shih

Santa Paula
William Irion
Leslie Jue

Thousand Oaks
Lloyd Ho
Nancy Powers
Lisa Fu
Scott Corbett

Newsletter Editor
 Sharon Chiang
Sean Gao
Lloyd Ho

VCCAA Newsletter
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Camarillo, CA 93011-0806
Copyright 2003

Greetings from the President

Happy summer holidays!

Most of us are enjoying the summer time off from schools.  Many of us are taking time off to travel in the U. S. or around the world.  Whether we are off from schools or on the road or at home, a big welcome!

The VCCAA is embarking on another year of educational programs to enhance our proud ancient heritage of culture and tradition.  With the added energy and new ideas from the New Board, we are ambitious and are having fun in the planning for the coming year.

We ask your support and participation in all the events of fiscal year 2003 – 2004:

Chinese Language School Garage Sale                   Cultural Night and New Year Celebration

Mid-Autumn Festival                                           Easter Egg Hunt

Halloween Party                                                   Memorial Day Picnic and Election of Officers

Christmas Party                                                    Board Installation and Award Picnic

Judge Kee Choo Ling honorably installed the Board Officers on Sat., June 28, 2003 at the beautiful garden picnic of VP Tyrus and Vivian Goo.

Thank you to all the incoming officers of the Association.  To the officers who have stayed for another year, thank you for your continuing unselfish services to our organization.  To the new officers, welcome aboard, we welcome your new enthusiasm and new ideas.  In a service organization of volunteers, no contribution is too small or too large.  We welcome everyone to pitch in for our proud culture and heritage!

Have a wonderful and safe summer months.


                                                                                         Hillary H. Ling, DDS

                                                                                         President 2003-2004













Memorial Day Picnic

On Monday, May 26, 2003, the VCCAA celebrated the annual Memorial Day at Pleasant Valley Park in Camarillo.  Over 200 members and guests participated in remembrance of the servicemen in the US armed forces, past and present.  “We always remember!”

A traditional delicious BBQ beef tri-tip and chicken lunch with trimmings was served and enjoyed by everyone.  Many thanks to Edna Tanita, LaRaine Kang and family, Leslie Jue’s family (Leslie, Suzie, Larry, Matt, Michael, Daryl) and George Ng for rolling up their sleeves to work.  The generous helping spirit of the Jues and George Ng were indeed appreciated by the Board and particularly by the event chair, Tyrus Goo, who was unexpectedly called away to Hawaii to attend to his mother’s health.

Traditionally the VCCAA Memorial Day BBQ is also the time for annual election of officers.  Lloyd Ho counted the official ballots and the slates of new officers were announced.  Congratulations and welcome to the new officers, a good year ahead for VCCAA.  Please support the new Board generously.

President:                Hillary Ling, DDS

Vice President:        Tyrus Goo

Treasurer:               Judy Schechter

Secretary:               Andy Little, PhD

City Representatives:

Camarillo:               Barbara Chieu, Ray Chong, Sean Gao, Vivian Goo, Rob Heilmen, Irene Sy

Oxnard:                  Vivian Chang, Dolly Lee

Santa Paula:            William Irion, Leslie Jue

Thousand Oaks:      Lloyd Ho, Nancy Powers

Ventura:                 Steve Shih

Before the close of the picnic, many lucky and happy members walked away with big smiles on their faces for winning many valuable door prizes.


五月二十六日,星期一,華聯會在卡美麗諾的Pleasant Valley公園庆祝了一年一度的國殤日。二百多個會员和客人参加了這一 "我们將永遠牢记!" 的紀念美国过去和现在所有军人的活動。 

與會者品嘗和享用了具有传统風味的可口的牛肉和鸡燒烤。特別感謝谷田鄧美蓮, LaRaine Kang及其全家﹐Leslie Jue 及其全家(Leslie Suzie, Larry, Matt, MichaelDaryl) 和伍銳輝的辛勤工作。  本活動的組織者Tyrus Goo由於他母亲的健康原因﹐不得不回到夏威夷﹐所以他要特別感謝Jue的全家和伍銳輝的慷慨幫助。




Board Installation and Award Picnic

On Saturday, June 28, 2003, the Youth Group, under the leadership of co-presidents Miss Yau-Yi Lee and Master Michael Len of Rio Mesa High School, planned a wonderful garden picnic at the beautiful and spacious garden of our host and hostess, VP Tyrus and Vivian Goo.

Board member Sean Gao was most hardworking securing the sound equipment and transporting the food from Panda Express for the occasion.  About 100 members and guests enjoyed the fellowship in the lovely California weather.  Special welcome to Dr. and Mrs. Fu-Kuan Lin of Somis, Maria Louie of Camarillo, and Nancy Chui of Peking Inn Restaurant, Camarillo.

Judge Kee Choo Ling graciously came to support the occasion to swell in the incoming officers of 2003-2004:

President:              Hillary Ling, DDS

Vice President:      Tyrus Goo

Treasurer:             Judy Schechter

Secretary:             Andy Little, PhD

City Representatives:

Camarillo:             Barbara Chieu, Ray Chong, Sean Gao, Vivian Goo, Rob Heilmen, Irene Sy

Oxnard:                Vivian Chang, Dolly Lee

Santa Paula:          William Irion, Leslie Jue

Thousand Oaks:    Lloyd Ho, Nancy Powers

Ventura:               Steve Shih      

On behalf of the Board, Vivian Goo, thanked and presented outgoing president to Hillary and Stella Ling a special gift and a mounted presidential gabble with the engraving of the VCCAA Panda logo.

President Hillary Ling proceeded to present the appreciation plaques to the following individuals:

Tyrus and Vivian Goo, VP and Event Chair                         Judge Kee Choo and Katherine Ling, Lions Dance Troupe

Yun-Jiuan and Fu-Kuen Lin, Sponsors                                 Margarette Macropol, Libarian

Judy Schechter, Treasurer                                                  Frank and Barbara Chieu, Sponsors

Andy and Lee May Little, Secretary and Event Chair           Albert and Lisa Fu, Sponsors and Directory

Sean and Nora Gao, Board member and Event Chair           Patrick and Debra Kong, Sponsors

Irene Sy, Event Chair                                                         Chung-Nan and Men-Hua Wang, Sponsors

H. T. Kuo, Board Member                                                 Simon and Vicky Chow, Sponsors

Doris Mao, Board Member                                                 Christopher and Ingrid Loh, Sponsors

Dolly Lee, Board Member and Event Chair                         Hillary and Stella Ling, Sponsors

Lloyd Ho, Newsletter                                                         Tony Danluck, PCS Computers, Sponsor

Wesley Holser, Board Member                                           Keith and Cindy Kwan, Chesters Asia Restaurant

William Irion, Board Member                                              Tony and Nancy Chui, Peking Inn Restaurant

Leslie and Sue Jue, Board Member and Event Chair            Tony and Lucy Lin, China Square Restaurant

Ben Wong, Board Member                                                 Gary and Lory Cheng, Golden China Restaurant

Tony and May Chen, Sponsors and Event Chair                   Joe and Jenny Ching, Sportsmans Restaurant

Alvin Little, Youth Group                                                    Lesley Jessica Ling, Event Chair

Tiffany Chieu, Youth Group Chair                                       Pacifica High School Performing Arts Center

Edna Tanita, Event Chair                                                    Joe Knopf, Facility Director

LaRaine Kang, Event Chair                                                Shane Davis, Technical Director

Charlotte Haney, Event Chair                                             Linda Bentz, Historian

Juliet Kong, Youth Group Chair                                           Marie Louie, Historical Society

George and Mary Kay Yu, Historical Society                       S K Leong, Webmaster

Julian and Sharon Chiang, Sponsors and Directory                Richard Senate, Historian

Harry Lee, Membership Chair                                            Dolly Cheng, Historical Society

Tom Ma, Printer                                                                Angela Soo Hoo

Yu-Ling Lu, Classical Dance Instructor                               Panda Express, Camarillo


Board Installation and Award Picnic – Chinese Translation

六月二十八日﹐星期六,青年小组在就讀于里约梅薩高中的共同组長Yau-Yi Lee和Michael Len的领导下,在我们的副會長古萬福和及夫人秦惠美的美丽和宽敞的庭院裡舉辦了一顿美妙的庭院野餐。

理事會成員高翔為大家準備了音響设备並从熊猫快餐買來食物。 大约一百个會员和客人在加州舒適的天气小暢談甚歡。我們很榮幸地請到林福寬及夫人﹐Maria Louie女士 ﹐和卡美麗諾北京樓的呂雲屏女士









Mid-Autumn Festival

When:      Saturday, September 13, 2003, 6:00 pm

Where:     Los Primeros Structure School
2222 E. Ventura Blvd., Camarillo

Contact:    Tony Chen, 644-9740; Sean Gao, 389-0865; Steve Shih, 644-7078

On the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, when the moon is round and is at its maximum brightness for the entire year, the Chinese people mark their Moon (or Mid-Autumn) Festival.  The round shape symbolizes family reunion.  The day is a holiday for family members to get together and enjoy the full moon that is an auspicious token of abundance, harmony and luck.

On that day sons and daughters will bring their family members back to their parents’ house for a reunion.  Sometimes people who have already settled overseas will come back to visit their parents on that day.

As every Chinese holiday is accompanied by some sort of special food.  On the Mid-Autumn Festival, people eat moon cake that is a kind of cookie with fillings of sugar, sesame, walnut, yoke of preserved eggs, ham or other tasty ingredient.

Members are reminded that for the potluck dinner to bring a dish that will serve at least 10 people.  The Association will provide the drinks, rice, and moon cakes.


时间:09/13/03 星期六,600

地点:Los Primeros Structure School
2222 E. Ventura Blvd., Camarillo

联系:Tony Chen, 644-9740; Sean Gao, 389-0865; Steve Shih, 644-7078



在那一天儿女们将带着他们的子女回到他们父母的家团聚。  有时已经安定国外的人们在那天也会回来拜访他们的父母。

如同每个中国日都由某一类特别食物伴随一樣。  在中秋,人们吃的是由糖、芝麻、核桃、腌蛋黄,火腿或其它鲜美成份做成的月饼。

會员請带可以至少供10 个人的食品。  華聯會將提供饮料、米飯,和月饼。



Halloween Party

When:      Saturday, October 25, 2003, 5:30 pm

Where:     Los Primeros Structure School
2222 E. Ventura Blvd., Camarillo

Contact:    LaRaine Kang, 388-9698; Edna Tanita, 482-3356

Halloween was first celebrated about 1500 years ago.  It was a festival to celebrate that year’s harvest and the start of winter.  It was believed that on October 31st the souls of the dead come back to earth.

It is believed that if the children wear scary costumes and visit their neighbors’ houses, then evil spirits will be scared and they won’t come to their houses.  As thanks to the children, the neighbors are supposed to give candy to the children.  If their neighbors don’t give them any candy, the children will play a trick on them.

As usual, food and drink will be served at 5:30 pm, followed by games and costume contests.  Mark your calendar for this fun-filled event.


时间:10/25/03 星期六,530

地点:Los Primeros Structure School
2222 E. Ventura Blvd., Camarillo

联系:LaRaine Kang, 388-9698; Edna Tanita, 482-3356


人们第一次庆祝萬聖節是在大约1500 年前。  它是庆祝那年的丰收和冬天开始。  人们相信, 在十月三十一日这一天死者的灵魂會回到人间。

人们还相信,如果孩子們穿上可怕服装去他们的鄰居的房子,邪恶的灵魂就會被惊吓而不會来到鄰居的家。  当然作为对孩子们的感谢,鄰居应该给孩子们糖果。  如果鄰居不给孩子们任何糖果,孩子们则會对他们进行一些恶作剧。

如往年一样,食物和饮料将于下午5:30开始提供 ,随后有游戏和服装比赛。請记住这一個將充满乐趣的日子。




Chinese Language School Library

Through the efforts and help of many people, the Chinese Language School Library has over 300 book, 160 journals and newspapers, 150 videotapes, and 20 audio cassettes.  We welcome members’ patronage, and your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.  Point of contact is Lee-May Little at (805) 484-5222.



通过众人的努力和帮助,中文學校图书馆已有300册书籍,160种报刊杂志,150盘录象带,和20盘录音带。我们欢迎您的支持和可以免税的捐款。请联系:陈麗美,(805) 484-5222



The installation of the new board of directors and award BBQ was held on Sat., June 28, at the Goo’s residence.

Soo Hoo Scholarship                       $750    Juliet Kong        Rio Mesa HS

Kuen Lin Scholarship                      $500    Tiffany Chieu    Adolfo Camarillo HS

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Chen Scholarship $500    Anne Wu          Oak Park HS

VCCAA Scholarship                       $500    Johnny Tam      Westlake HS

VCCAA Service Scholarship           $250    Alvin Little        Adolfo Camarillo HS

Vivian Goo







VCCAA Historical Society

The Ventura County Museum of History and Art (100 E. Main, Ventura) will host an exhibit titled ‘The Heart of Town – Main Street Ventura, 1866-1916’ from September 13 – November 30. 2003. The Chinese had been in Ventura at least since 1860’s. Our Historical Society member, Marie Louie, has been invited by the Museum staff to share some of her mother’s mementos at the exhibit. Marie’s mother, Nellie Yee Chung, was born in China Alley Ventura in the 1880’s. In addition to the exhibit, Roberta Greenwood, a renowned archeologist, will give a lecture on the findings of her Main Street excavations. Our historian, Linda Bentz, has been invited to discuss Ventura’s historic Chinese community. The two lectures are scheduled for 1:00 PM and 2:15 PM respectively on Sunday, November 9, 2003. Please attend both the exhibit and the lectures to learn about the heritage of Chinese Americans in Ventura County.

The Historical Society was invited to participate in the Oxnard Centennial Parade in May. It was a resounding success. Angela Soo Hoo and Marie Louie were participants on the International Friendship Float. Both ladies were dressed in elegant Chinese gowns. The float was preceded by the Lion dancers of the Camarillo Kung Fu club. We were warmly received and applauded by hundreds of spectators lining the parade route. We offer kudos to Irene Sy who was the organizer for our participation in the Parade. Our documentary maker, Andy Weed, recorded footage from the parade for use in our film on the history of Chinese in Ventura County.

The historical society was recently awarded a grant from the California Story Fund supported by the California Council of the Humanities. The grant will allow us to record oral histories from family members of the early Chinese settlers in this county. It also provides funding for lectures by Linda Bentz on the history of Chinese in Ventura County. Lastly, the grant will support upgrades of our website at

George Yu

Historical Society Chairperson



 位于范杜柆市東緬街一百號的范杜柆縣歷史和藝術博物館將從九月十三日到十一月三十日舉辦題為“市中 心︰一八六六至一九一六的范杜柆市緬街”的展覽。我們華人于一八六零年前便來到范杜柆。這次博物館特意邀請了我們協會成員Marie Louie在展覽中與大家 分享她母親的一些 紀念 品 。 Marie母親Nellie Yee Chung 于一八八零年代在 范 杜柆的 中國巷出生。著 名考古學家Roberta Greenwood 將舉辦關於緬街的講 座。我們的歷史學家 Linda Bentz也被邀討論范杜柆 有重大歷史意義中國社區。這兩次講座將分別于十一月九日星期天的下午一點和兩點一刻舉行。請會員們參加展覽和講座﹐共同學習華人在范杜柆的歷史。

 我們歷史協會被邀參加于五月份舉行的Oxnard百年紀念游行並取得了亮麗的成功。游行中﹐Angela Soo Hoo和Marie Louie身穿 雅致中國旗袍﹐閑坐于“國 際友誼船” 之上。在此之前的是來自卡美麗 諾功夫俱樂部的舞獅隊。我們被數百名觀眾夾道歡迎。當然我們要把成勣歸功與我們的組織者張翠玉的辛勤勞動。將為我們製作有關華人在范杜柆歷史的記錄片Andy Weed先生錄下了我們游行的全過程。

 我們歷史協會最近從由加州人道委員會支持的“加州故事” 基金得到一筆經費。 這筆經費將支持我們記 錄由早先在這個縣居住的華人的后代 所講述的歷史﹐ 資助Linda Bentz 有關華人在范杜柆歷史的系列講座﹐ 並支持我們的网站www.vccahs.org的升級。

 George Yu 余志誠

     Historical Society Chairperson





Chinese Language School

I hope everyone had a good summer.

Our second summer school, which ran for 2 weeks, was very successful.  We even had an article in a newspaper.  Thank you to our vice principal, Irene Sy, for her efforts, and to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lu for use of their facility for our summer school classes.  See article below.

On Saturday, July 26, the annual garage sale raised $350 for the school.  Thank you to all who generously donated items and to all our volunteers.  Also a big “Thank You” to Dr. Hillary Ling for use of his dental building parking lot.

We are looking forward to seeing you for the Autumn Semester 2003, which starts Friday, September 5.

We welcome the new and returning students.  This year we also have two new teachers.  We have expanded the Kindergarten class to two classes.  See the registration form for the ages.

High school students, remember that you can receive high school credit for your language requirement by attending the credit class. 

Everyone please try your best to encourage and bring your family members, friends, neighbors and to spread the word about our program.

We are looking forward to an exciting year.

The registration forms and class information are included in this newsletter. 

Lee-May Little


The Chinese Language School had another year of successful enrollment and exciting classes this summer. We had 16 students enrolled for the 2003 summer camp. The two weeks’ long summer camp program was held at the Best Western Camarillo Inn from June 16th to 27th. Our sincere thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lu for the use of their facility to make this cultural program possible.

Mrs. Paulina Chang, a renowned artist from the Conejo Valley was our Chinese Brush Painting instructor. Students learned to paint Panda Bear by the green bamboos, and enjoyed creating their masterpiece of red Plum Blossom on a fan. They learned how to flick and toss the Chinese Yo-Yo in the air and play tricks with it and spin the top on the floor with doubles and triples twirls. Most of all, everyone remembered how to write ‘Ping Pang Qiu’, ‘Bing Qi Lin’, and ‘Chao Mi Fen’ in Chinese, the requirement to play a game of ping pong and enjoyed the delicious ice-cream treat and pan fried rice-noodles.

Four-year-old Malcolm Burdorf wrote his name in Chinese ink; kindergartener, Kathleen Ko has the most creative Panda family in the Green Bamboo jungle. Melissa Yu enjoyed the Chinese puzzle game on the computer; Justin Sy and the Hai’s were frantically immersed in their Chinese Yo-Yo techniques. While Simon Yau, one of our older boys, challenged Daniel Yu and Rachel Beeman on the table tennis table; Katie Yu and Mandy Lu was reading Chinese Poems and Snow White-in Chinese. Monika Holser and Jack Kang had the most outstanding red Plum Blossom fan. Seven-year-old twins, Will and Bridie Beeman, learned how to order Chinese Food from the menu in Chinese.

I think everyone of them had fun and enjoyed the summer program. I hope they would retain the vocabularies they learned and bring them back next summer. The Star reporter, Erinn Hutkin, had a write up on us on July 7, 2003. You can read about it on:,1375,VCS_165_2092697,00.html

This summer cultural program is to introduce the fun part of the Chinese Cultures to students to compensate the limited time for language instruction in our regular curriculum. We hope more people are aware of the program and will join us next summer.

Irene Sy

Vice Principal



Chinese Language School – Chinese Translation















中文學校本學年的報名情況非常成功﹐並舉辦了有趣的暑期班。暑期班共有十六名學生﹐從六月十六日到二十七日﹐在卡美麗諾的Best Western Camarillo Inn舉行。 我們再次感謝盧永章夫婦為暑期班提供了場地。

來自Conejo Valley的著名藝術家Paulina Chang為暑期班的學員講授了中國繪畫。 學員們學會了畫熊貓綠竹和李花扇面。他們學會了各種中國扯鈴的技巧﹐學會了用中文書寫乒乓球冰淇淋炒米粉﹐當然是在他們學會了乒乓球的規則並品嘗 美味的冰淇淋炒米粉之後了。

四歲的Malcolm Burdorf用中國墨水書寫了他的名字﹐幼兒班的Kathleen Ko畫出了最具創意的竹林裡的熊貓﹐Melissa Yu享受了計算機上帝中國拼圖游戲﹐而施華耀和Hai家的孩子則醉心于中國扯鈴的技巧。Simon YauDaniel YuRachel Beeman 舉行了乒乓球比賽。Katie YuMandy Lu閱讀了中文的詩歌和白雪公主的故事。Monika HolserJack Kang 畫出了最好的李花扇面。七歲的雙生子WillBridie Beeman學會了用中文菜單點菜。

我覺得他們每個學員都很高興並學到了很多知識﹐我希望到明年暑期他們還能記得所學的詞彙。范杜柆星報的記者Erinn Hutkin還于七月七日發表了關於我們暑期班的文章﹕,1375,VCS_165_2092697,00.html