Ventura County
Chinese American Association



August 2002



President’s Message


Dear Members:

How time flies, more than four-thousand years have come and gone, yet we still have a hard time finding some good men and women to lead the VCCAA.  Ai, Yah!  In this computer age it is a common problem for civic groups to find enough volunteers.  There are only 24 hours in a day.  Just not enough time to go around!

Thank you for allowing me to be of service to our Association again.  Setting priority seems to work for me!  I invite you to include the VCCAA on your priority list.  We are deeply rooted in Chinese culture and we want to learn more about it and to share it with those around us.

Supporting the Association is a natural thing to do!  We truly appreciate the generous donations of your time, talent, and money.  For this year, the fundraising efforts have been severely limited to private and corporate donations since street fairs had been deemed non-workable.  The mere existence of the VCCAA for the coming years depends on your generosities.

The main function of the Association is to promote culture and to bridge better understanding in our community.  Our major undertakings are the Chinese Language School, Historical Society, and seven annual activities: Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Cultural Night and Chinese New Year, Easter Egg Hunt, Memorial Day Picnic, Installation and Awards Evening.

I am happy to announce that while we have had some initial success in soliciting sponsors for our annual programs, we need more sponsors!  I am also in talks with a few local restaurants hoping to sell tickets to raise funds through organized banquets and gift certificates.  Dinner and Dance and charity golf tournaments are also being pursued.

Have a great summer!  See you all at the Mid-Autumn Festival!

Hillary Ling

VCCAA President 2002-2003









Memorial Day Picnic

We had a great Memorial Day Picnic that was held on Monday, May 27, at Pleasant Valley Park, Camarillo.  Attendance was light although some people noticed that once the elections were under control, the attendance appeared to grow to over 125 people.  I am not sure what that means.

The menu was a little different from the past.  I think it went over well.  Many thanks to Tyrus and Vivian Goo, Eric Plambeck, Sharon Chiang, and Jennie Hsu for helping with the planning; and Tyrus Goo and Leslie Jue for handling and overseeing the cooking.

The business of the day was the happiest of all.  VCCAA elected a new board!  Hillary Ling did something very generous, he agreed to be president.  Tyrus Goo came in a close second by agreeing to be vice president.  Vivian Goo did a great job with the scholarship and service awards.


Memorial Day Picnic Committee



五月二十七日,星期一,我们在卡美丽欧的快乐谷公园,举行了今年别开生面的国殇日野餐。最后有大约一百二十五人参加。感谢Tyrus Goo, Vivian Goo,  Eric Plambeck, Sharon Chiang, 和Jennie Hsu 参与 计划, 感谢Tyrus Goo和Leslie Jue 的烹饪手艺。更令人高 兴的是,华联会有了新一届的理事会。Hillary Ling 同意出任理事长,Tyrus Goo出任副理事长 。Vivian Goo 精彩地主持了本年度 奖学金 和服务奖的颁发。


Installation Dinner

The Annual VCCAA Installation Dinner was held on Sunday evening, June 30, at the Super Panda Buffet at 355 S. Mills Road, Ventura.  The event started with your choice of a wide variety of delicious entrees that tantalized and excited the taste buds.  About 70 members and guests attended to enjoy an evening out.

Besides installing the incoming officers and city representatives, the annual installation dinner recognized and thanked those members, officers, and board members, who unselfishly donated their time, talent, and effort to attain the goals and objectives of the VCCAA.

Ben Wong

Installation Dinner Chairperson



本年度的就职晚宴于六月卅日在Super Panda Buffet 举行。 从选择多姿多彩的食物开始,七十名参加者始终沉浸于美味之中。

除就职仪式以外,晚宴上我们还感谢了所有为华联会作出 奉献 的人们。





We are elated to have Mrs. Lisa Fu as the Chief Editor for the 2002‑2003 Directory.  Lisa will introduce some new ideas to our annual directory. 

If you have not sent in your membership renewal, please do so now.  Use the enclosed membership form and write a check for $20.00 payable to the VCCAA.  Please consider becoming a Lifetime Member by writing a check for $500, you will never have to renew your membership again!  Mail your completed membership form and payment to: VCCAA, P.O. Box 806, Camarillo, CA 93011-0806.

As you know, eggroll sales are no longer a viable fundraiser activity, so your valuable membership dues are vital in supporting the activities of the VCCAA.  Tax-deductible donations to the VCCAA are always welcome.

Harry P. Lee
Membership Chairperson


我们很荣幸地请到Lisa Fu 女士作本年度会员录的主编。她将向我们介绍一些新的方法。如果您还没有更新本年度的会员身份,请使用本简报所附的表格,并签写一张总额二十元的支票付给华联会。同时您还可以考虑支付五百元成为终身会员,这样您就不再需要更新您的会员身份了。请将表格和支票寄给左边的地址。您或许已经知道,我们不能再通过销售蛋卷筹款,所以您的会员费对支持我们的活动非常重要。可以享受免税的捐款当然更加欢迎。

Mid-Autumn Festival

When:     Saturday, September 28, 2002, 6:00 PM

Where:    Los Primeros Structure School
2222 E. Ventura Blvd., Camarillo

Contact:   Tony Chen, (805) 644-9740 or Alvin Little, (805) 484-5222

Sponsor:  PCS International Inc.

On the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, the moon is round and the Chinese people mark their Moon (or Mid-Autumn) Festival.  The round shape to the Chinese means family reunion.  Therefore, the festival is a holiday for members of a family to get together whenever it is possible.

On that day sons and daughters will bring their family members back to their parents’ house for a reunion.  Sometimes people who have already settled overseas will come back to visit their parents on that day.

As every Chinese holiday is accompanied by some sort of special food.  On the Mid-Autumn Festival, people eat moon cake that is a kind of cookie with fillings of sugar, sesame, walnut, yoke of preserved eggs, ham or other tasty ingredient.

Members are reminded that for the potluck dinner to bring a dish that will serve at least 10 people.  The Association will provide the drinks, rice, and moon cakes.








Halloween Party

When:     Saturday, October 26, 2002, 5:30 PM

Where:    Los Primeros Structure School
2222 E. Ventura Blvd., Camarillo

Contact:   Edna Tanita, (805) 482-3356

Sponsor:  Dr. & Mrs. Frank Chieu

Halloween was first celebrated about 1500 years ago.  It was a festival to celebrate that year’s harvest and the start of winter.  It was believed that on October 31st the souls of the dead come back to earth.

It is believed that if the children wear scary costumes and visit their neighbors’ houses, then evil spirits will be scared and they won’t come to their houses.  As thanks to the children, the neighbors are supposed to give candy to the children.  If their neighbors don’t give them any candy, the children will play a trick on them.

As usual, food and drink will be served at 5:30 PM, followed by games and costume contests.  Mark your calendar for this fun-filled event.








Ventura County Chinese American
Historical Society

The Historical Society held a meeting on July 6, 2002 to discuss the China Alley Memorial Project.  We were honored by the attendance of Eugene Moy, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California (CHSSC) and his wife Susan as well as Linda Wong Smith who is also on the Board of Directors of the CHSSC.  Gene presented to our society a copy of the book “Bridging the Centuries: History of Chinese Americans in Southern California” which was recently published by the CHSSC.  Our own Linda Bentz wrote a chapter on the Chinese fishing activities in Southern California in this book.  The noted archaeologist Roberta Greenwood contributed a chapter on the Chinatown in Ventura.  We look forward to future collaboration with the CHSSC which was founded in 1975 to increase awareness of the Chinese American heritage.

We are in the process of finalizing the design of the China Alley Memorial.  The Ventura City Council authorized the construction of the memorial along the Figueroa walkway close to the original site of the China Alley in Ventura.  We are in need of an artist(s) who may be able to help with the design of this important monument to the Chinese pioneers who lived in Ventura from the 1860s to 1910s.  This will be the first official recognition of the contribution by the Chinese to the history of Ventura County.  For a view of the draft of the Memorial, please visit our website at  Anyone interested in this project is encouraged to contact George Yu at (805) 987-8937 or email to

The Ventura City Council allocated $8,000 in matching fund for the China Alley Memorial.  Our Historical Society set a goal to raise an additional $10,000 toward the construction of the Memorial.  We are asking all the members of the VCCAA to contribute to this fund.  Please make your tax-deductible contribution payable to the VCCAA and identify in the memo section “China Alley Memorial Project.”  Mail your checks to Mr. S. K. Leong, 1110 Avenida Acaso, Camarillo, CA 93012.

George Yu

Historical Society Chairperson



历史协会于七月六日举行了关于China Alley Memorial 项目的会议。我们很荣幸地邀请到南加州华人历史协会理事Linda Wong Smith, 理事会主席Eugene Moy 及其夫人Susan。Gene向我们 提供了一本新近由南加华人历史协会理事出版的世纪的桥梁:南加州在美华人的历史。我会会员Linda Bentz书写其中关于南加华人渔 业活动的一章。著名考古学家Roberta Greenwood则用一章描写范杜 拉的唐人街。南加华人历史协会成立于1975年,我们希望与其共同合作提高人们对中华文化遗产的了解。

我们正在China Alley Memorial 设计的收尾阶段。范杜拉市议会已授权在沿Figueroa步行街接近原来China Alley 的地方建造纪念碑。 我们正需要艺术家来帮助纪念碑的设计,它将纪念从1860年代到1910年代在Ventura生活的华人先驱们。请访问www.vccahs.org查看纪念碑草图。对项目有兴趣者还联系George Yu:(805) 987-8937,

Ventura市议会已为纪念碑拨发$8,000的匹配款项,我们历史协会的目标是另外筹集$10,000。我们请求所有VCCAA会员的免税捐款。支票请寄Mr. S. K. Leong, 1110 Avenida Acaso, Camarillo, CA 93012,抬头请写 China Alley Memorial Project. 


VCCAA Youth Group

As your new VCAA Youth Group co-president I, Juliet Kong, would like to welcome you all into the new year!  Recently, I attended a board meeting and met the great board members for this coming year.  Everyone was concerned about the association and coming up with ideas that will help the VCCAA and its success for years to come.  Knowing that people out there are volunteering and dedicating their time to this association make me want to help even more.  This is why I ask you, the youth (those ages 12-18), to please give your input and spend time to help the association – be it setting up or attending the annual functions.

This upcoming year the Youth Group will be led by both myself and Tiffany Chieu.  We are here to help the association but we cannot handle the association by ourselves.  I encourage everyone between the ages of 12-18 to actively participate because many of our association members are either seniors or juniors in high school and in two years the Youth Group might not exist.  So please call up your Chinese buddies and tell them to join the VCCAA.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me or Tiffany.  My number is (805) 988-1140 or (805) 712-2612.

Juliet Kong                    Tiffany Chieu
Co-President                 Co-President