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May 2003





Hillary Ling


Vice President

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Oxnard/Port Hueneme

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Newsletter Editor

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VCCAA Newsletter

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Copyright 2003

Greetings from the President


The Ripple Effect - “When you drop a pebble on this side of the lake, it causes a new ripple. Through time, this ripple will soon reach the other side of the lake.” - A Chinese Philosophy.

The Butterfly Theory - “When a butterfly flutters its wings in one part of the world, it can eventually cause a hurricane in another.” - From Edward Lorenz and Chaos Theory.

Fiscal year 2002-2003 has been a happy year for the VCCAA. The planned cultural events were well attended and enjoyed by many; the membership has reached 214 families. The hard working Board members have had a good time while attending to the affairs of the Association.

Now that another year of cultural activities of our Association is winding to its fiscal year-end, I like to thank VP Tyrus Goo, Secretary Andy Little, Treasurer Judy Schechter, Newsletter editor Lloyd Ho, and all the Board members and all the friends of the VCCAA for the enthusiastic support you have given us throughout the year. Your support does make a difference. You do create a ripple effect and it shall have a perpetual influence in our families and community for all the years ahead. You, “the butterfly” can eventually cause a wave of warm feeling of our heritage, culture among us as well as among those who had come to contact with us.

The motto of our Association is: “We Build Cultural Bridges.” Our troubled world has many bridges in need of being built. Let it begin with us.

A big “Thank you,” to our major event sponsors for their generous support: Mr. Tony Danluck of PCS International, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Chieu, Drs. Lisa and Albert Fu, Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Kong, Dr. and Mrs. Chung Nan Wang, Drs. Vicky and Simon Chow, Dr. and Mrs. Chris Loh.

A big “Thank you” to the people who help make the major events possible: Lee-May Little, Irene Sy, Tony Chen, Alvin Little, Edna Tanita and Lorraine Kang, Tiffany Chieu, Charlotte Haney, Juliet Kong, Tyrus and Vivian Goo, Stella Ling, Lesley Ling, Judy Schechter, Vicky Chow, Lisa Fu, Dolly Lee, Leslie Jue.

A big “Thank you” to all the advertisers for their kind support to our Cultural Night and New Year Celebration at the Oxnard Pacifica High School.

Now, the four basic VCCAA emotions at this time of Election of Officers for 2003-04: “Sad, Mad, Glad and Scared.”

“Sad” – I’m so sad if there are not enough willing members knocking at the door asking for a position at the Board.  “Mad” – I’m so mad that there are not enough willing members knocking at the door asking for a seat at the Board.  “Glad” – I’m so glad that there are so many new members joining the VCCAA, they would be the future of our Association.  “Scared” – I’m so scared that there would not be enough positions for all the willing members asking to serve at the Board on the Election Day.

Kidding aside, I earnestly invite you to step forward, please, to serve our Association as a Board member for 2003-04 at the “Memorial Day BBQ and Election” at the Camarillo Pleasant Valley Park on Monday, 5/26/03. “No experience required-we will train. It is not all hard work, it really is fun, too.”

Have a wonderful summer and see you at the Memorial Day BBQ at Pleasant Valley Park!

Hillary Ling

President 2002-2003





蝴蝶理论:一只蝴蝶在世界的一个角落扇动翅膀,可以引起在世界的另一个角落龙卷风”─EdLorenz,混沌理 论。

漣漪效應:投石于水,水興漣漪,由近而遠,終及比岸。” ─ 中國古代哲學。

2002-2003财政年度对VCCAA来说是让人高兴的一年。很多人们参加并享受了我们计划的每一次文化活动 ,我们也拥有了  二百一十四家会员家庭。这一届理事会努力工作的同时,也享受了每一次聚会活动。


在此又一年即将结束之际,我要感谢副会长:Tyrus Goo,秘书:Andy Little,财务:Judy Schechter, 会报编辑:Lloyd Ho,以及所有理事会会员和所有VCCAA朋友们在过去一年所给予的热情支持。你们的支持使我们更好。你们所形成的涟漪效应将会对我们的家庭和社区产生终身的影响。 你们就象蝴蝶最终会在我们和所有与我们联系的人们中间掀起 我们文化和传统的暖流。




我要非常感谢那些慷慨的赞助者:PCS国际的Tony Danluck先生,DrFrank Chieu夫妇,DrsLisa Albert FuMrs. Patrick Kong 夫妇,DrChung Nan Wang夫妇,DrsVickySimon Chow,以及DrChris Loh夫妇。


我还要非常感谢那些给予我们极大支持的人们,是他们的支持使我们的每一次活动成为可能。他们包括:Lee-May LittleIrene SyTony ChenAlvin LittleEdna TanitaLorraine KangTiffany ChieuCharlotte HaneyJuliet KongTyrusVivian GooStella LingLesley LingJudy SchechterVicky ChowLisa FuDolly LeeLeslie Jue


最后我要非常感谢为我们在Oxnard Pacifica高中举行的文化与新年之夜广而告之的人们。


在此为VCCAA選举2003-04会长及其团队的時候,我可以说是傷感,气愤, 高興和驚恐四感交集。


傷感” ─ 我想我会很哀傷的如果沒有足夠的志願者敲在門請求为新的团队服务。  气愤” ─  我现在很气愤因为还沒有足夠 志願的者敲在門請求为新的团队服务。  高興” ─ 我很高興有許多新成員加入VCCAA,他们是我们华联会的未来。驚恐” ─ 如果在選舉日那天,我们没有足夠的职位给所有的志願者,我则要倍感驚恐了。


言归正传,我真诚地邀請您在五月二十六日于卡美丽欧Pleasant Valley公园举行国殇日烧烤和選举上毛遂自荐成为新一届 的理事。不要求任何过去的經驗,我們將培训新手。這不仅仅是艰苦的工作,也同样是樂趣和享受。


我希望大家都有一個美妙的夏天,我们Pleasant Valley公园国殇日烧烤野餐再见。



Cultural Night and Chinese New Year

This annual event was held at the Performing Arts Center of the Oxnard Pacifica High School on Sat., Feb. 8, was a great success. About 500 persons were in attendance and enjoyed a unique evening that reflected Chinese culture and the blending of people of Chinese ancestry around the world.

What a “grand opening” it was to have the VCCAA members present the Dynasty Costume Extravaganza! This colorful event set the mood for the evening’s program and captured our audience’s attention.

Deepest appreciations go to our models: Tony Chen; Chun-Lang and Shu Tsing Cheng; Albert, Lisa, Alex, Chris and Audrey Fu; Sean Gao; Leon and Dolly Lee; Sichi and Nora Li; Shang and Amy Liao; Stephen Liu; Tanya Loh; Sylvia and Jonathan Shih; Brian and Linda SooHoo. You wonderful people gave up three precious evenings, for try-outs, dress rehearsal and final performance. Lena Ho was so supportive that she stayed the entire evening with us even though there was no costume to fit her.

Needless to say, no one even knew where to stand without the proper coaching of our artistic director, Yu-Ling Lu, who deserves thunderous applause for her patience and guidance. Last but not least, thanks to Chen for her capable role as “people mover.” Without her stage managerial skill, our program would not have been presented in such an orderly manner.

Thanks to our many sponsors, performers, cultural night committee members, the VCCAA Youth Group, and all who helped and attended that evening, we were able to successfully present this event and also raise funds for our educational program.



于二月八日,星期六在Oxnard Pacifica高中表演藝術中心舉行的這次年度活动了取得了巨大成功。 大約500名观众到场享受了一個獨特的、反映了中 國文化和华人祖 祖辈辈与世界相容的晚上。

由VCCAA 会員主演的朝代服裝展 揭开我们的“盛大開幕式”, 多 彩的服裝一下就展示了我们活动 的主题,并吸引了观眾的注 意。

特别要感谢我们服裝展的表演者:Tony ChenChun-LangShu Tsing ChengAlbertLisaAlex ChrisAudrey FuSean Gao LeonDolly Lee SichiNora LiShangAmy Liao Stephen LiuTanya LohSylviaJonathan Shih BrianLinda SooHoo 你 们给了我们初演、预演和正式演 出三个美妙的晚上。虽然沒有服裝適合她,Lena Ho为支持我 们,还 是 观看了整個晚上的演出。

更不用說, 如果没有我們藝術指导 Yu-Ling Lu的教練,我們根本不 可能站立在舞台上。她的耐心和教導当然应该得到雷鸣般的掌声。最后我们还要感谢Chen的出色的人员组织和调度能力,沒有她的舞台管理技巧,我們的節目不可能那样井然有序。

感谢我們的众多的赞助者、表演者、文化之夜委員會的成員、VCCAA 青年組、和所有幫助、出席活动 的人们,使我們能成功地举行這次活动和並且能为我們的教育项目筹集資金。



Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt was held on Sat., April 12, at Dr. Hillary Ling’s ranch in Somis. We had a great turn out! Over 100 VCCAA members and friends came for the fun-filled sunny day. Participants consumed 100 hot dogs, over 15 pounds of Korean barbecued ribs, freshly rolled sushi, and even a delicious raspberry cake!

Thanks to the parents for bringing so many Easter eggs! It may have taken us a while to hide the eggs, but the kids snatched them up within minutes! The kids were pleasantly surprised to find what was inside of their eggs - candy, coins, and toys!

The kids enjoyed games, face painting, temporary tattoos, cookie decorating, prizes, a real live Easter bunny and chicks and, of course, a huge Easter Egg Hunt!

Thanks so much to all of our helpers without whom this event would not be possible! Stella, Hillary and Lesley Ling, Lisa Fu, Edna Tanita, LaRaine Kang, Tanya Loh, Alice Ginn, and Sharon Mac Polin. Also thanks to all the members who spontaneously pitched in to set up and clean up.

All the teamwork and camaraderie helped turn a beautiful day into a true celebration.  Special thanks to the event sponsors, Drs. Simon and Vicky Chow. It was great to see our old friends and a lot of new faces at this successful event!

Lisa Fu             Vicky Chow      Youth Group
        Co-Chair           Co-Chair           Co-Chair




四月十二日, 星期六我們在Dr. Hillary Ling的 Somis 農場舉行了復活節彩蛋找尋活動。我們取 得了巨大的成功!一百名VCCAA會員和朋友們享受了這充滿樂趣的陽光燦爛的一天。參加者共享受耗了100 個熱狗, 15 磅韓國烤排骨、新鮮的壽 司, 還有一個可口山莓蛋糕!

孩子享受了游戲、面部繪畫、臨時的刺青、曲奇餅裝飾, 獎勵、一個真正的復活節兔寶寶和小雞和, 當然, 一個非常成功的復活節彩蛋找尋活動!

感謝對父母帶來許多復活節彩蛋! 這當然也許讓我 們多費一點兒時間掩藏彩蛋, 但孩子們竟在幾分鐘 內找到了它們! 當然, 孩子還驚喜地發現在彩蛋裡 面還有糖果、硬幣, 和玩具!

非常感謝Stella, HillaryLesley Ling, Lisa Fu, Edna Tanita, LaRaine Kang, Tanya Loh, Alice Ginn, 還有Sharon Mac Polin 沒有他們的幫助 這次 活動不可能會是這麼的成功。當然還要感謝 那些參加準備和後來清掃的所有會員。


可貴地團隊精神和會員情義把這美麗一天變成真正的復活節慶祝活動。特別要感謝活動的贊助者, Drs. Simon and Vicky Chow夫婦





VCCAA Historical Society

Final version of the China Alley Memorial Mural has been prepared for approval by the City Council of Ventura. The Historical Society presented the mural drawing to the Public Arts Commission and the Ventura Downtown Community Committee for their critique. Favorable reviews were received from both organizations. It will take several weeks for the Ventura City Council to approve the details of the Memorial project. Volunteers are needed to help with preparing the wall for the artists. The location of the Memorial will be on the wall facing the fountain near Santa Clara Street along the Figueroa walkway. We hope that work can begin in June. For a preview of the mural drawing, please visit our website at

The Ventura County Museum of History and Art will feature the history of the Chinese in Ventura County in an exhibition at the Museum. The exhibit is titled ‘The Heart of Town – Main Street, Ventura from 1866 to 1916’ and will run from September 13 to November 30, 2003. Members of the Historical Society have met with Anne Graumlich, the Museum’s Curator recently to assist her in this important project. Ms. Graumlich is seeking information and objects on the Chinese in Ventura for inclusion in the exhibit. Anyone with information or objects (photographs, clothing, household pieces, etc.) is encouraged to call Ms. Graumlich at 805-653-0323, ext. 19, or send email to The Ventura County Museum will professionally display and protect all objects borrowed for the exhibit. This exhibit will highlight the contribution of the Chinese to the history of Ventura County since the 1860s.

Our historian, Linda Bentz, has been invited to give a lecture at the Oxnard Public Library (251 South A St., Meeting Rm. B, 805-385-7529) on May 18 on ‘The History of Chinese in Oxnard.’ This lecture is sponsored by the Oxnard Centennial Celebration Committee. The lecture is open to the public. Please contact the Library for the time of the lecture and learn more about our heritage.

George Yu

Historical Society Chairperson



為獲得Ventura市議會的批准,我們準備了中國 胡同紀念壁的最終版本。歷史協會還將紀念壁 的藍 圖呈現給公共藝術委員會和Ventura街市 公共委員會以獲取他們的意見。我們從兩個組織都得到了非常有利的回復。對此紀念項目的細節Ventura市議會還需要幾個星期才能批准 。我們需要一些義工為藝術家幫助準備牆壁。紀念壁的地點將在沿Figueroa步行街,面對在Santa Clara街噴泉的附近。我們希望項目可于六 月開始。您可以在www.vccahs.org看紀念壁的草圖。


Ventura歷史和藝術縣博物館將以華人在Ventura縣的歷史為主題舉行展覽。展覽的題目為“市中心—緬街,從1866 年到1916Ventura”。 展覽將從九月十三日到十一月卅日舉行。 歷史協會的成員最近與博物館的館長Anne Graumlich女士會面,協助她準備這個重要項目。 Graumlich正在為展覽尋找與華人在Ventura 有關的信息和物品。如果任何人擁有任何有關的信息和物品(相片、衣物、家庭用品, 等等) ,

請與Graumlich女士聯繫:805-653-0323,分機19,curator@vcmha.org縣 博物館對所有被借用為展品都將進行專業化的展示和保護。這個展覽將突出華人從19 世紀60 年代以來對Ventura縣的歷史貢獻。


我們的史學家Linda Bentz, 被邀請于五月十 八日, 在 Oxnard的公立圖書 館 (251 South A St., 會議室B, 805-385-7529) 進行 “華人 在Oxnard的歷史 ” 的講座。這次演講將由 Oxnard百年慶祝委員會主辦。演講對公眾開放。請與圖書館聯繫得到演講的時間並學習更多我們華人的傳統。




Our next get together is on the Memorial Day Picnic. We hope to see you, your family and friends. It is also the time to elect your next year’s officers and to renew your membership. Please consider to renew with a lifetime membership. It helps the VCCAA and saves you the trouble of renewing each year.

The new 2003-2004 membership directories will be in the making soon!  To ensure the accuracy of our directory, please bring your completed application and dues to the Memorial Day Picnic, or mail them to the VCCAA (P.O. Box 806, Camarillo, CA 93011-0806) no later than September 1, 2003.

We are very happy to welcome the following six new members and their families!  There is a space to paste their information in your membership directory on page 71.


Nellie & Howard Choy

26 Calle Escalon

Camarillo, CA 93010

(805) 482-6514


Clarissa Dong

75 Marine View Drive

Camarillo, CA 93010

(805) 482-2792


Ho Chin Har

992 Greenbay Court

Ventura CA 93004

(805) 658-8167


Fermin Melendez

7655 Bradley Road

Somis, CA 93066

(805) 386-2306


Patti & David Norgaard

1857 Santo Domingo

Camarillo, CA 93012

(805) 383-7968

Ray Osburn

902N. Signal Street

Ojai, CA 93023

(805) 640-9876



我們的下一次聚會是在國殤日的野餐。 我們希望看到您, 您的家庭和朋友。而且這是選舉我們明年的理事會和更新您的會員資格的時候。 請大家考慮終身會員的資格。這樣VCCAA 和您都可省去每年更新的麻煩。

新2003-2004 會員目錄將很快付印!  為保證我們的目錄的準確性, 請在野餐時帶來您的完整的申請表格, 或于2003 年9月1 日前將表格郵寄到:VCCAA (P.O.Box 806, Camarillo, CA 93011-0806。我們非常高興地歡迎以上六名新成員和他們的家庭! 


Chinese Language School

On Friday, February 7, we started the Spring Semester for 2003.  We welcome some new students to our classes.

On Saturday, March 29, the students went on a field trip to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to view the ‘Symbols of Power: Masterpieces from the Nanjing Museum’ exhibition.  There were about 260 objects dating back more than 5,000 years and continuing through World War II.  These objects, many of which have not been shown before even in China, include bronze, ancient currency, fine porcelain, religious objects, paintings and calligraphy, formal and informal attire, court objects, accessories and jewelry.  We had a good turnout for this event.

On Friday, May 16, 7:00 pm, the Chinese School will have an open house at Dos Caminos Elementary School (3635 Appian Way at Ponderosa Dr., Camarillo).  We will have a program.  Please come.  Bring your friends and neighbors.  This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning the Chinese language to come check out our school.  For more information please call Lee May Little at 484-5222.

The Chinese school is planning a garage sale this coming summer.  Please start savings your stuff for this fundraising event!

Lee-May Little



二月七日, 星期五, 我們的2003 年春季學期 開學了 我們迎來了一些新的學生。


三月二十九 , 星期六, 學生們去Santa Ana的 Bowers博物館進行了實地考察, 學生們觀看了 展覽  力量的 標誌:南京博物館精品。展覽展 出了從五千年前到第二次世界大戰的大約二百六十項展品。許多展品甚至以前未在中國展出, 包括青銅器﹑ 古幣、精細瓷器、宗教器皿、 畫和書法、正式和非正式的服裝、庭堂 器具、 其他物品和首飾。我們這次活動收穫極大。 


五月十六 日, 星期五, 下午七時, 中文學校將在 Dos Caminos 小學 (3635Appian Way , Camarillo) 有一個公開的招待會。我們會有一套關於我們 中文學校的節目。我們邀請您、您的朋友和鄰居一起來參加。對任何有興趣學習中文的人們,  這是一個很好的了解我們中文學校的機會。詳情請與Lee May Little聯繫, 電話:484-5222


中文學校計劃在今年夏天舉行一次車庫售物活動。  請開始為這次籌款事件作準備!


Lee-May Little





Applications received for the VCCAA Scholarships. Selection Board will meet by the first week of May. Successful applicants will receive notice of selection and asked to attend annual Memorial Day BBQ with their parents as guest of VCCAA.

Vivian Goo
Scholarship Chairperson


我們已經收到多份VCCAA 獎學 金的申請。獎學金委員會將在五月的第一星期開會決定人選。 獲獎的申請人將接到通知和並與他們的父母以共同被邀請作為 VCCAA的客人參加年度的國殤日燒烤野餐。



Memorial Day Picnic

Date:        Monday, May 26, 2003

Time:       11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Where:      Pleasant Valley Park, Temple Ave. & Ponderosa Rd., Camarillo
Picnic Area, next to PV Pool

Menu:       BBQ beef tri-tip or chicken

Cost:         $6 Adults, $4 Children 10 years old and under

Lunch:      Served at 12:00 pm

Program:   1:00 pm

Contact:    Leslie Jue (805-525-9562) or Tyrus Goo (805-482-6074)

Sponsor:   Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Loh

Volunteer Chefs are needed!

Also volunteer help for set-up from 9:00 am – 11:00 am

To all VCCAA Members: We need your active participation in all association events and especially in taking an active role as an officer or member of our board of directors. We want to hear suggestions on events for the association, the program for our Chinese New Year celebration, and what your vision is for the organization in the next three years. Please attend our board meetings which are held at 7:30 pm on the third Monday of the month at the Camarillo Inn on Daily Drive, Camarillo.

You may also send in your suggestions to the VCCAA, P.O. Box 806, Camarillo, CA 93011. Remember, our association can only be as successful as you want it to be. We need your active participation! Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you all!


The 2002-2003 Officers and Board of Directors of the VCCAA

A successful Memorial Day Picnic is dependent upon your participation




時間:11:00 am – 3:00 pm

地點:Pleasant Valley Park, Temple Ave. & Ponderosa Rd., Camarillo
Picnic Area, next to PV Pool



午餐:12:00 pm 開始

節目:1:00 pm 開始

聯繫:Leslie Jue (525-9562)  Tyrus Goo (482-6074)

贊助:Dr. Christopher Loh夫婦

我們需要義務“廚師” !

還有從9:00  – 11:00幫忙準備的義工

我們每次的活動都需要每個會員的積極參與,特別是我們需要新的理事會成員。當然我們還希望聽取你們對我們每次的活動的意見和對我們今後三年的展望。我們邀請每一個會員來參加每月第三個星期一在Camarillo Inn, Camarillo舉行的理事會。

當然每個會員還可以意見寄到VCCAA, P.O. Box 806, Camarillo, CA 93011。 請記住,“欲得其上,必求上上” , 我們 華聯會只有在您成功 的願望下才能成功。 我們需要您積極的參與!讓我們國殤日見並真切希望聽到您的意見!




Board Installation and Award BBQ

Date:        Saturday, June 28, 2003

Time:       12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Where:      Goo’s Residence

Cost:         No charge

The installation event is to install and welcome the in-coming officers and board of directors and to give a well-deserved appreciation of thanks to the out-going officers and board of directors. This event is open to all VCCAA members and their families. We are looking forward to seeing you there. If you plan to attend, please call Tyrus Goo, (805) 482-6074, so he can get a headcount.  Thank you.




時間:12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

地點:Goo’s Residence

這次活動中新一屆的理事會將就職,我們還要感謝本屆理事會的努力。活動對所有會員開放。我們希望大家都參加。有計劃參加者請與Tyrus Goo 聯繫,電話:(805) 482-6074。