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February 2004

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VCCAA Newsletter
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Copyright 2004

Greetings from the President

Happy New Year, 4702, Year of the Monkey!

Wisdom and flexibility are the characteristics of a Monkey,
Mischievous and making quick decisions are the nature of a Monkey.

Let us welcome a new year of flexible changes ahead for 2004:

A new President for the USA? Maybe! We shall have the answer by early November!
A new President for the VCCAA? For sure! We shall have the answer by end of May!

Life is a journey with interesting turns. Expect the unexpected, and keep your chins high and hearts pure. Have faith in our fellow travelers and the New Year will bring us unforeseen blessings.

A successful day begins with
A good planning in the morning.

A successful year begins with
A good planning in the spring.

                                                  . . . Chinese Proverb

Becoming American: A Chinese Experience

Cultural Night and New Year Celebration

ur first event of the New Year 2004 was held in the beautiful Pacifica High School Performing Arts Plaza in Oxnard. The Event Committee worked very hard and diligently to produce an exciting program to share with members and our community. I thank Ray Chong, Sean Gao and Steve Shih for doing a fantastic job with the help of Dr. George Yu and the Historical Society.

Many thanks to Lesley Ling and Sylvia Shih for conducting a wonderful, entertaining and educational program of Chinese History in Ventura County, plus many thanks to those hard working people that made the evening a success –– Lions Dance, Classical Dance, Beijing Opera Monkey King, and songs from Melodia Sinica Chorale.

May the New Year give us inspiration and inner peace to work toward a better tomorrow in our community, in our state, in our nation, and beyond – in Mars.

“Gung Hay Fat Choy, Xing Nien Jing Bu.”  Best wishes for the New Year.

                                                                                  Hillary H. Ling, DDS

                                                                                 President 2003-2004




Greetings from the President - 會長致辭










成為美國人:華人的經歷” — 文化之夜和新年聯歡

我們在位於Oxnard的美麗的Pacifica高中的表演中心進行了新年的第一次活動。這次活動的組委會辛勤地為我們的會員和社區奉獻了充滿樂趣的節目。我要感謝Ray Chong ,史大問,和高翔的辛勤勞動,當然還要感謝余志誠醫師和歷史協會的幫助。




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hillary H. Ling, DDS

                                                                                                                                                 President 2003-2004


Christmas Party

On December 13, 2003, the VCCAA held its annual Christmas party at Camarillo Heights Elementary School. The party was well attended by many families and friends. They bought many different types of delectable foods to share at this potluck event.

The Christmas program consisted of a Christmas Nativity skit presented by the Chinese Language School students under the direction of Irene Sy and Lee-May Little. In addition, Ms. Mason and her accompanist led us in the joyous singing of Christmas carols. A raffle was held for door prizes donated by our generous members.

We thank those members who donated door prizes. Kudos to the Youth Group for the setup and cleanup of the facilities. Finally we would like to thank the Chinese students and their teachers and any others who participated in the Christmas program and party.

Barbara Chieu, co-Chair

Irene Sy, co-Chair


去年十二月十三日,華聯會在Camarillo Heights小學舉行了一年一度的聖誕 聚會。有眾多的家庭和朋友參加了這次聚會,他們為自助餐帶來了豐盛的食品。

聚會的節目包括了由Irene Sy和 Lee-May Little指導的學生所表演的耶穌誕 辰以及Mason女士指揮的聖誕頌歌。聚會還舉行了抽獎活動。





Cultural Night and
Chinese New Year Celebration

A diverse and full house audience of over 700 people watched a grand program of Chinese culture in celebration of Year of the Monkey at the Performing Arts Center of Pacifica High School in Oxnard on Saturday evening, January 31.  Our theme of the program was “Becoming American: The Chinese Experience in Ventura County.” 

VCCAA, in association with Ventura County Chinese American Historical Society (VCCAHS), sponsored the 2004 Cultural Night to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Marie Louie, Angela Soo Hoo, and Dorothy Jue led the procession of pioneer families of Yee’s, Soo Hoo’s and Jue’s of Ventura County.  VCCAHS previewed 15 minutes of their new video “The History of the Chinese in Ventura County.”  Richard Senate told a fascinating story about the Ventura Chinese Fire Brigade at turn of the century in 1900s. 

A major program highlight was the colorful and acrobatic performance of the “Monkey King Opera – Journey to the West” by the Beijing Opera Troupe with Sunrise Performing Arts & Dancing Wind Art Center.  Yu-Ling Lu, Dance Director, directed three graceful dances by Yu-Ling Lu Chinese Classical Dance Troupe of Camarillo.  The young ladies mesmerized the audience with “Colorful Cloud Dance,” “The New Year Dance,” and “Taiwanese Aboriginal Dance.”  The Melodia Sinica Chorale of Northridge sang three American and three Chinese songs during the program.  Under artful leadership of Master Kee Choo Ling, Camarillo Mi Tzung Lo Han Kung Fu Association opened and closed the program with their spectacular lion dances for Year of the Monkey.

Sean Gao, Steve Shih, and Ray Chong, the Cultural Night co-chairs, are very thankful of support by the performers, vendors, advertisers, and especially the volunteers.  They want to especially acknowledge the following VCCAA volunteers for their hard work and tireless effort:  Dolly Cheng, Tyrus Goo, Vivian Goo, Lloyd Ho, S.K. Leong, Hillary Ling, Lee-May Little, Irene Sy, and the Youth Group.  Lesley Ling and Sylvia Shih were wonderful emcees.  Special recognition goes to Michael Chong, Ray Chong’s brother, who designed the flier and program book.

                                                                                              Ray Chong                Sean Gao                   Steve Shih
                       Co-Chair                    Co-Chair                    Co-Chair



一月三十一日,星期六,七百多位來自各行各業的觀眾,在位於Oxnard的美麗的Pacifica高中的表演中心觀看了由我們華聯會進行的,以“成為美國人:華人在范杜柆的經歷” 為主題的猴年聯歡會。

華聯會和華聯會歷史協會共同舉辦了這次活動。Marie Louie, Angela Soo Hoo, 和Dorothy Jue代表最早來到范杜柆郡的葉氏家族, 司徒家族和周氏家族為活動揭幕。華聯會歷史協會播放了十五分鐘他們製作的新錄像“華人在范杜柆郡的歷史” 。Richard Senate為 眾講述了有關二十世紀初范杜柆華人救火隊的動人故事。

聯歡會的節目包括由北京京劇團表演的“西游記—猴王孫悟空” ,Yu-Ling Lu指導的民族舞蹈“彩雲追月” 、“舞新年” 、“台 灣山地舞” , 北嶺韶音合唱團演唱的中英文歌曲,以及Kee Choo Ling帶領的舞獅隊的表演。

文化之夜的組織者Ray Chong,史大問,和高翔感謝所有表演者,贊助者,特別是所有的義工。這些義工中有Dolly Cheng, Tyrus Goo, Vivian Goo, Lloyd Ho, S.K. Leong, Hillary Ling, Lee-May Little, Irene Sy, 以及青年組。林莉莉,王懿萱精彩地主持了這次節目。 特別要提到Ray Chong的兄弟Michael Chong為我們製作來精美的節目單。


                                                                             Ray Chong                               Sean Gao                          Steve Shih
                                                                             Co-Chair                                  Co-Chair                           Co-Chair


Easter Egg Hunt

When:     Saturday, April 3, 2004, 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm

Where:    Ling Ranch

Contact:   Vicky Chow, (805) 482‑3811,
Lisa Fu, (805) 384‑0405,
Irene Sy, (805) 482-4765

à  Easter Egg Hunt to begin around 12:30 pm

à  Parents: Please bring 2 doz (24) plastic eggs filled with treats for the egg hunt

à  Hot Dogs                                           à   Fabulous Games

à  Face Painting                                     à   Spectacular Crafts

à  B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own basket!)

Vicky Chow             Lisa Fu               Irene Sy

co-Chair                   co-Chair             co-Chair



           中午至下午三 點


聯繫:Vicky Chow, (805) 482‑3811,
             Lisa Fu, (805) 384‑0405,
            Irene Sy, (805) 482-4765





  Vicky Chow     Lisa Fu        Irene Sy   

 co-Chair                 co-Chair           co-Chair



VCCAA Historical Society

The Historical Society successfully debut an excerpt of the documentary “The history of the Chinese in Ventura County” at the VCCAA Cultural Night on Jan. 31. The event was well attended at the capacity-filled Pacifica High School Performing Arts Center. The documentary was directed by Mr. George Sandoval of WestEnd Productions. Mr. Sandoval is an accomplished filmmaker whose credits included the recent Oxnard Centennial Celebration documentary produced by the City of Oxnard. The feedback from the audience was universally positive with regards to the quality and educational value of the film. Our goal is to develop a teacher’s guide to accompany the videotape so that we can distribute them free of charge to our public schools for use in their curriculum on immigration history.

The Historical Society has worked with the Historical Preservation Committee of Ventura and the Ventura City Council since May 2001 on the China Alley Memorial. The project is a joint venture between the City of Ventura and private donations raised by the Historical Society. The memorial will be a mural on a wall along the Figueroa walkway close to the original China Alley and across from the Museum of History and Art. Mr. Pang Qi and Ms. Guo Song Yun are the artists commissioned to paint the mural. Both of them are renowned Chinese painters and calligraphers. They plan to start work around mid-March. The mural will take about six weeks to complete. Please visit our website at to see a drawing of the China Alley Memorial. We welcome your financial support of this important project. This is the first memorial in Ventura County dedicated to the legacy of the early Chinese immigrants.

If you would like to contribute to the above efforts, please send your tax-deductible donation to the VCCAA, earmarked for the Chinese documentary or the China Alley Memorial. If you have any suggestions regarding these projects, please contact the Historical Society via our email address at

The story of the Chinese in Ventura County is still ongoing. We need to know more about the history of the early pioneers. For those of you who like to share your family’s history with the Historical Society, we invite you to contact us in person or through our email address.

George Yu, m.d.

Historical Society Chairperson


一月三十一日,華聯會歷史協會在一年一度的文化之夜聯歡會上首次播放了記錄片“華人在范杜柆郡的歷史”中最精 彩的部份。記錄片由 WestEnd 製作公 司 的 George Sandoval 先生導演。 Sandoval 先生曾為Oxnard市製作過百年慶典的記錄片。觀眾們對其質量和教育性給予了積極的評價。我們的目標是製作一個可供教授移民歷史的老師使用的免費的記錄片。

歷史協會從二零零一年五月開始,便與范杜柆郡歷史保護委員會,以及范杜柆市政委員會,共同合作“中國紀念牆的項目” 。本項目由范杜柆市和我們協會 共同籌款興建。紀念牆位于歷史和藝術博物館對面,沿Figueroa步行街,靠近原始的中國巷的地方。著名中國畫家和書法家潘奇先生和郭松雲女士將為紀念牆執筆。項目將於三月中開始,需要六個星期的時間完成。紀念牆圖案可在www.vccahs.org上預覽。我們歡迎更多的經濟支持。這是范杜柆郡首個專為紀念華人早期移民的項目。



                George Yu  余志誠

                Historical Society Chairperson









Easter Egg Hunt

April 3, 2004

Saturday, 12:00 noon

Ling Ranch




Memorial Day Picnic

May 31, 2004

Monday, 11:00 am

Pleasant Valley Park
Temple Ave. & Ponderosa Rd., Camarillo




Installation & Award Dinner

June 26, 2004

Sunday, 11:00 am

Location to be determined