Ventura County Chinese
American Association



January 2003



Happy New Year, 4701, The Year of the Ram!

A Successful day begins with

           A good planning in the morning.


A successful year begins with

           A good planning in the spring.


                     . . . . . . Chinese Proverb



“East Meets West – West Meets East!”

Cultural Night and New Year Celebration


Our first event of the New Year 2003 will be held in the beautiful Pacifica High School Performing Arts Plaza in Oxnard. The Board is working hard to prepare a colorful program to share with members and our community. I urge everyone’s support to come and celebrate the New Year of the Ram.

May the New Year give us inspiration and inner peace to work toward a better tomorrow in our community, in our country, and in our universe. “Gung Hay Fat Choy, Xing Nien Jing Bu.” Best wishes for the New Year.

                                                                                                                                                     Hillary Ling

                                                                                    President 2002-2003


一天之计在于晨,一年之计在于春。” ……中国谚语









                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hillary Ling

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            President 2002-2003




Cultural Night and Chinese New Year

Tickets are now available!


Date:       Saturday, February 8, 2003

Time:      Program Starts at 7:00 pm

Where:    Performing Arts Center
Pacifica High School
600 East Gonzales Road, Oxnard

Tickets:   Adults - $15, Children 12 and under - $10

Sponsor:  Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Kong,

              Dr. & Mrs. C.N. Wang

For tickets or ticket information contact:

Camarillo:    Sharon Chiang............   388-8656      Sean Gao.................................. 389-0865

                   Alice Ginn..................       482-2393      Vivian Goo................................ 482-6074

                   Wesley Holser............     389-1812      Juliet Kong................................ 358-0676

                   Harry Lee..................        987-3047      Lee-May Little.......................... 484-5222

                   Judy Schechter...........     388-9668      Irene Sy.................................... 482-4765

                   Edna Tanita................      482-3356      George Yu................................ 987-8937

Oxnard/Pt. Hueneme: Dolly Lee....   485-6780      Ben Wong................................. 382-4087

                   Angela Soohoo...........    983-1210      Yu-Ling Lu............................... 983-6082

Santa Paula: William Irion..............   525-0304      Leslie Jue.................................. 525-9562

Somis: Hillary Ling........................     386-4188

Ventura:      Tony Chen.................     644-9740      Doris Mao................................. 642-3183

                   Eric Plambeck............        659-5121

Thousand Oaks: Lloyd Ho..............   498-5537







          Pacifica High School
         600 East Gonzales Road







Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Kong

Dr. & Mrs. C.N. Wang




Halloween Party

The Halloween Party was a howling success! It was held on Saturday, Oct. 26 at Los Primeros Structure School in Camarillo. Over 40 children plus parents and friends enjoyed the festive events. There were games, a magician, costume contest, and lots of hot dogs, pretzels, and drinks.

Games were set up and enthusiastically operated by the Youth Group. The children were challenged with the pumpkin toss, fishing game, pencil pull, ring a pumpkin, Coke bottle toss, pin the wart on the witch, ring a witch’s hat, and fishbowl game.

Costume contest winners: Best – Fireman, Christopher Fu; Funniest – Unicorn, Alyson Lucas (17 months old); Scariest – White Ghost, Alex Lu; Original – Parrot, Alexander Fu.

Thanks for helping to Samantha Hinde, Tiffany Chieu, Erik Jue, Lauren Jue, Michelle Jue, Juliet Kong, Robert Omoto, Amanda Ong, and all other Youth Group members.

Special thanks to the event sponsors, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Chieu, parents and friends that helped, including Barbara Chieu, Alice Ginn, Larry and Jan Jue, Leslie and Suzie Jue, Michael and LaRaine Kang, Sharon Mac Polin, and all those that I may unknowingly have missed.


               Edna Tanita                  Juliet Kong

               Co-Chairperson             Co-Chairperson



于十月二十六日,星期六在卡美丽诺Los Primeros Structure School 举行的万圣节聚 会取得了惊人的成功!四十多位孩子以及家长和朋友分享了这一节日活动。节目包括游戏、魔术和化装比赛,当然还有各式各样的食物和饮料。


化装比赛结果:最佳 ─ 消防员, Christopher Fu 最滑稽麒麟,Alyson Lucas (年龄十七个月) ;最恐怖白衣鬼魔;原创鹦鹉, Alexander Fu

感谢Samantha Hinde, Tiffany Chieu, Erik Jue, Lauren Jue, Michelle Jue, Juliet Kong, Robert Omoto, Amanda Ong, 和其他青年组的成员的帮助。

特别感谢我们的赞助者:Frank Chieu先生 和太太。其他帮助的人们还包括:Barbara Chieu, Alice Ginn, Larry Jan Jue, Leslie Suzie Jue, Michael LaRaine Kang, Sharon Mac Polin, 还有或许我们无意遗漏 的人们。

    Edna Tanita  Juliet Kong


Christmas Party

The annual Christmas Party was held on Saturday, Dec. 14 at Camarillo Heights Elementary School. The Christmas Party was a success. An estimated 200 adults and children enjoyed the potluck supper and the night’s entertainment. Thanks to Irene Sy and Lee-May Little for all their work on the wonderful Nativity skit performed by the Chinese Language School. It was a real treat to see the children so enthusiastically involved.

The Junior Bell Choir from the Camarillo United Methodist Church and the Adult Choir from the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church was a great way to get us all in the spirit of Christmas; they really added to the program with the Christmas carols. The dance troupe under the direction of Yu-Ling Lu was also a great success; we are so lucky to have so many talented people in our organization.

Our Santa Claus was splendidly portrayed by Tim Fu of Camarillo. He was great and the children all seemed to enjoy their Christmas gift of the DVD's donated by the Technicolor Corp.

Many thanks to the sponsors, Drs. Lisa and Albert Fu, and the help provided the Youth Group led by Juliet Kong and Tiffany Chieu, and everyone who made the celebration a success.

Charlotte Haney          Juliet Kong

Co-chair                     Co-chair



年度的圣诞聚会于十二月十四日在Camarillo Heights Elementary School成功地举行。 大约两百位成人和孩子分享了自带的晚餐和精彩的节目。感谢Irene Sy 和 Lee-May Little的精心准备,使我们高兴看到由中文 学校孩子热情投入表演的“耶稣诞生” 。

来自Camarillo United Methodist教会和 Taiwanese Presbyterian教会让我们沉浸于 诞的气氛当中。Yu-Ling Lu指导下的舞蹈 团给了我们精彩无比的演出。我们感到非常幸运我们中间有这些多才多艺的人们。

我们的圣诞老人由Tim Fu盛情扮演。孩子 们也都很喜欢由Technicolor捐赠的DVD。

我们感谢赞助人Lisa和Albert Fu以及由 Juliet Kong和Tiffany Chieu带领的 青年组,还有每个积极参与的人们。


Charlotte Haney     Juliet Kong


Easter Egg Hunt

Date:       Saturday, March 29, 2003

Time:      12 noon

Where:    Ling’s Ranch
3748 Groves Place, Somis

Sponsor:  Dr. & Mrs. Simon Chow

This fun afternoon includes a luncheon, drinks, Easter egg hunt, and clown/ magician.

Each family is requested to bring one dozen colored hardboiled eggs or one dozen hollow colored plastic eggs filled with goodies.

                      Lisa Fu             Vicky Chow           Youth Group
                      Co-Chair          Co-Chair                Co-Chair




地点:Ling’s Ranch

赞助人:Dr. & Mrs. Simon Chow



--Egg Hunt to begin around 12:30 PM.
--Parents: Please bring 2 dozen (24 plastic eggs) filled with treats.
--Hot Dogs
--Fabulous Games
--Spectacular Crafts
--Face painting
--B.Y.O.B. (bring your own basket)

Lisa Fu 

Vicky Chow

Youth Group


VCCAA Historical Society

The final version of the China Alley Memorial Mural is being prepared for approval by the City Council of Ventura. The artists, Mr. and Mrs. Qi Pang are from the People’s Republic of China and are skilled in painting and calligraphy. They also have considerable experience in creating large size mural. We shall need volunteers to help with preparing the wall for their painting. The location of the Memorial will be on the wall facing the fountain near Santa Clara Street along the Figueroa walkway. We hope that work can begin in February.

The Ventura County Museum of History and Art would like to feature the history of the Chinese in Ventura County in an exhibition at the Museum. This exhibit is tentatively scheduled for Spring of 2004 and would last for 3 months. The Museum’s Curator, Anne Graumlich, is seeking information and objects for inclusion in the exhibit. Anyone with information or objects (photographs, clothing, household pieces, etc.) is encouraged to call Ms. Graumlich at 805-653-0323, ext. 19, or send email to Please call or email by May 1, 2003. The Ventura County Museum will professionally display and protect all objects borrowed for the exhibit. We need all the members of the VCCAA to support this project since this will be the first time that we have an entire exhibit in the Museum be devoted to the history of Chinese in this county. Please contact Ms. Graumlich regarding any item you may lend the Museum for this exhibit.

George Yu

Historical Society Chairperson



范杜拉市政委员会批准了我们中国巷纪念壁的最后设计。来自 中国大陆的艺术家Mr. 和Mrs. Qi Pang,擅长绘 画和书法。他们还 具有相当的绘制壁画的经验。我们需要义工为他们准备绘画的墙壁。纪念壁位於Figueroa步行街接近Santa Clara街面向喷泉的位置。 我们希望工程能于二月开始。

范杜拉郡的历史和艺术展览馆计划举行一次华人在范杜拉的展 览。这次展览将于2004年的春季开始,共三个月的时间。展览馆的组织者Anne Graumlich正在收集 任何可供展览的实物和有关信息。如果您认为可以帮助请在今年五月一日以前电805-653-0323, 分 机19,电子邮件:curator@vcmha.org展览馆将对所有的展出物提供专业化的展示和保护。这将是展览馆第一次单独展出我们华人在范杜拉的历史,所以我们需要我们的会员积极支持这一项目。如果您有任何问题请与Ms. Graumlich联系。



          George Yu

Historical Society Chairperson


Chinese Language School

The annual speech competition was held on Friday, Dec. 6. Congratulations to all the students. Results are listed below.

                                      1st Place                                2nd Place                                      3rd Place

Kindergarten                 Emily Meschke                    Natalie Mayer                             Alex Hai(许权振)

                                                                                   Kaylie Chen(陈彦琦)

Pin-Yin I                       Kelton Yang(杨凯庭)    Christina Molitor(星星)       Evelyn Tran(陈文倩)

                                                                                                                                        Jack Kang(康杰)

Pin-Yin II                      Jeffery Feger                        Jany Wu(伍妙馨)                 Monika Holser

Pin-Yin III                     Yau-Yi Lee(李友仪)     Christine Yim(严慧庭)              --

                                                                                   Sarah Yim(严敏庭)

Intermediate                                 --                                       --                                      Michael Len(林世华)

At the Christmas Party our Chinese Language School students were given the opportunity to display their considerable acting talents. We are very proud of them. Thanks to President Hillary Ling for inviting us to participate in the program.

Spring Semester begins on February 7. New students are welcome for the Kindergarten and Adult Conversational classes.

Last year the students and their families took a trip to the Peoples Republic of China during the Spring break. This year our travel agent, Mr. Len of Sun Travel Agency, has proposed a new itinerary and schedule. This trip is open to all VCCAA members and their families and friends. If you wish to participate, please contact Mrs. Tina Len at (805) 388‑3482 or (818) 989‑8740, fax (818) 989-8747.


USD $1299.00  +  80.00 (Tax) / Adult (Double Occupancy)

USD $1099.00  +  80.00 (Tax) / Child

Day 1:   4/11/03     Los Angeles – Shanghai

Day 2:   4/12/03     Fly to Shanghai on 4/11/03 night time by Asiana Airline.

Day 3:   4/13/03     Shanghai (L,D).  Arrive Shanghai in the morning; City tour (Century Park, Nanjing Road and the Bund). Hotel: Novotel Hotel or similar.

Day 4:   4/14/03     Shanghai – Xi’An (B,L,D).  Fly to Xi’An; visit Wild Goose Pagoda, Ancient City Wall. Hotel: Castle Hotel or similar.

Day 5:   4/15/03     Xi’An (B,L,D).  Visit Terra Cotta Warriors of Qin Shi Emperor, Huaqing Hot Spring, Tang Dynasty Dance Show. Hotel: Castle Hotel or similar.

Day 6:   4/16/03     Xi’An – Guilin (B,L,D).  Fly to Guilin; visit Diecai Hill, Elephant Trunk Hill, enjoy Show at night. Hotel: Royal Garden Hotel or similar.

Day 7:   4/17/03     Guilin (B,L,D).  Visit Li River, Yangshuo and Reed Flute Cave. Hotel: Royal Garden Hotel or similar.

Day 8:   4/18/03     Guilin – Los Angeles (B,L).  City tour in the morning and then fly back to Los Angeles in the afternoon.

* Price Include:           All air tickets, international and China domestic airport tax, hotel rooms, meals, buses and tour guide.

* Price not Include:    Gratuities and visa fee.

Lee-May Little





圣诞聚会我们中文学校的学生得以机会展示他们相当的表演才能。我们为他们感到骄傲。我们要感谢Hillary Ling的邀请参加这 一节目。




去年一些学生和家人利用春假的时间到中国大陆旅游。今年我们的旅游经纪,太阳旅行社的Mr. Len给出了新的计划。这一计划对所有华联会会员及其家庭和朋友开放。如果您有意参与,请与Mrs. Tina Len联系,电话:(805) 388‑3482 或 (818) 989‑8740, 传真: (818) 989-8747。








 Lee-May Little



VCCAA Youth Group

Hello everybody!

First of all, I'd like to say Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this!  I hope 2002 was a memorable year for everybody and now that 2003 has begun, we can begin with a fresh start and a refreshed sense of enthusiasm.

I'd like to recap what has been going on recently with the Youth Group.  This past December, I had the privilege of co-hosting the annual Christmas party.  We had a great turnout and I especially enjoyed the DVDs that were given to the children as gifts.  I am sure everyone was impressed with Santa's generosity and enjoyed the evening.  I'd also like to personally congratulate Dr. H. Ling and all of the hardworking board members who made this successful event possible.

The Youth Group is currently anticipating the next big event - the Cultural Night at Performing Arts Center of Pacifica High School, to occur.  We will be there setting up and helping out with the other VCCAA members.  If anyone is interested in participating with these events, who is not already doing so, please contact me at 805-358-0676.  I will be happy to answer any questions and update you on any upcoming events.

Also, our Youth Group is currently made up of many high school seniors who will be graduating in the next year.  We will need the VCCAA youths to start participating in order to continue having a Youth Group.  So please tell your friends about this opportunity.  Thank you!

If you have any questions or comments please contact me (Juliet) at (805) 988-1105, 358-0676 (cell) or at my email:  Tiffany can be reached 987-1893 or email:

Juliet Kong                Tiffany Chieu
Co-President             Co-President



The application forms for students to apply for the VCCAA scholarships will be available at their High School Counselor’s Offices by February 3, 2003.  All applications must be received at the VCCAA post office box by April 15, 2003.  There will be 3 or more scholarships available for $500 minimum each.  All college bound students are encouraged to apply. 

Vivian Goo
Scholarship Chairperson




Vivian Goo奖学金负责人



Chinese Language School Library

Through the efforts and help of many people, the Chinese Language School Library has over 300 book, 160 journals and newspapers, 150 videotapes, and 20 audio cassettes.  We welcome members’ patronage, and your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.  Point of contact is Margarette Macropol at (805) 482-9371.



通过众人的努力和帮助,中文学校图书馆已有300册书籍,160种报刊杂志,150盘录象带,和20盘录音带。我们欢迎您的支持和可以免税的捐款。请联系Margarette Macropol (805) 482-9371。


Upcoming Events






Easter Egg Hunt

Sat., April 12, 2003

11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Ling’s Ranch  

--Egg Hunt to begin around 12:30 PM.
--Parents: Please bring 2 dozen (24 plastic eggs) filled with treats.
--Hot Dogs
--Fabulous Games
--Spectacular Crafts
--Face painting
--B.Y.O.B. (bring your own basket)




Memorial Day Picnic

May 26, 2003

Monday, 11:00 am

Pleasant Valley Park





Board Installation and Award Dinner

June 29, 2003

12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

The Goo’s Residence